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Who seeks for a Rolex finds not only aesthetics and elegance, but also knows that is buying a piece of haute horlogerie with a history behind. Discover our catalogue with interesting facts and details on each watch and find the perfect Rolex made for you.

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Over the last decades, Rolex has become a reference in the haute horlogie industry and is known world-wide for its emblematic professional models such as the Cosmograph Daytona, Submariner, GMT Master, its timeless classics Day-date, Datejust or its recent designs as the Sky-Dweller, provinding with this variety a match for every taste. The history of each model has been written both for the moments they have been part of and for its own evolution over the years. 

The watches we have carefully selected for our catalogue are either highly sought after timepieces or classic models with a special characteristic amongst all its variants.

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Learn more about the Rolex legacy…

When you think about luxury watches, most probably Rolex would be among the first brands to come to mind. Carefully manufactured with the finest high-end materials, the outmost Swiss craftsmanship and with features entirely developed by the brand, wearing a Rolex is much more than just a luxury watch: is the recognition of the hard work behind fine watchmaking.

This Master watchmaker with London origins, began assembling machinery for jewelries. Their founders (a German entrepreneur, Hans Wilsdorf and his British brother-in-law, Alfred Davis) a few years after they started and between the turbulent times of war, discovered that Switzerland offered better conditions for purchasing pieces and manufacturing high quality machineries, establishing in the region since 1919. Ever since, their iconic creations have a pure Swiss origin. 

High precision professional watches.

Inspired by the Swiss spirit of craftmanship, Rolex has been a pioneer in manufacturing professional watches with very specific features. Each one of its models have been put to the test under the most extreme real-life conditions and prominent personalities in every field have endorsed its performance and precision.

Available in a wide variety of materials, fine details and colors, the range of professional Rolex watches include the following models:

From undersea expeditions to the deepest abisms ever reached by mankind (Rolex Deepsea), to the conquest of the Everest (Rolex Explorer) or as a professional tool for the PanAm air crew (Rolex GMT Master), Rolex has accompanied men in the milestones of human history. 

As regards to sports, the brand is not left behind. The exclusiveness and prestige that Rolex has built, has awarded it with a very special place in elite sports such as tennis, golf, equestrianism and sailing. The long trandition in motor racing competition has also contributed to make it the official sponsor for top-level racing competitions such as Formula 1. At the legendary beach circuit in Daytona, Florida, Rolex tested one of their iconic models which (a few years later) became the holy grail for collectors. The Cosmograph Daytona is one of the models with an increasingly number of enthusiasts around the world and the chosen watch for many renowed personalities in motor racing.

Did you know that…?

  • Regarding wrist watches, Rolex has the auction sales record for the famous Cosmograph Daytona first owned by actor Paul Newman, sold in 2017 for the astronomical figure of 17,8 million dolars.

With a high degree of specialization and a passion for details, each professional model is tied to a milestone in human history. This is why its desing, configuration and features have had as its main goals to serve as a powerful precision tool and follow men in the conquest of his own existence. 

Few brands as Rolex have managed to take one step further features in a professional wristwatch using high-end technologies. But what is even more relevant (in market terms) is the ability to achieve something that a few years ago was only reserved for understated designs and fine jewelry: the elegance and sophistication in a steel-based wristwatch. Either for sport use, casual occasions or exclusive events these Rolex professional models make the perfect accesory

A classic for a life-time.

In regards to understated, yet edgy elegance, Rolex has earned its well-deserved top position in the history of classic luxury wristwatches. The impecable aesthetics with which the brand designed the first Oyster Perpetual series is practically intact. Which can only mean that timeless aesthetics are only possible in hands of a true artist. Eventhough most of its classic models have suffered very slight aesthetic vatiations over the decades, the technology involved in its machineries and material alloys, have evolved enormously. 

The Rolex classic wristwatches collection is as wide in material combinations, sizes and decorations, that make possible to configure a Rolex with its own personality. The following models part the collection:

Popularly known as the "Presidential Watch" the Rolex Day-Date proves that complications are not limited to professional wristwatches. This is why the most prominent leaders in the world have chosen this model for its features, confort and refined elefance.

Within this collection there is also a increasingly popular model for its bold and irresistible aesthtics: the Rolex Sky-Dweller. With a unmistakable Rolex design, this watch is catching the attetion of different audiences and has become a very sought-after timepiece. 

Whether for discrete and sophisticaded or eye-catching designs, Rolex has them all.

The Rolex legacy.

So far, Rolex has contributed with the most timepieces to the world of collection being one of the few brands to reach sale prices in the after-market for off catalogue and out of production models many times higher than their original retail price. Either for its manufacture characteristics, a limited production for some references or even the signs of aging (like a faded color in the dial, for example) make certain Rolex models such as the Cosmograph Daytona, GMT Master or Submariner (to mention a few) exclusive timepieces for collectors and true enthusiasts for "vintage watches". For this and many other reasons, having a Rolex in our personal collection is more that a valuable belonging: it becomes an estate that will be passed on for generations.

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  • Guido Mondani is a great expert in brands such as Rolex, Tudor and Patek Philippe and has dedicated his life to collectionism and the study of the history behind these brands. Through his book collection, Guido provides and shares his passion with other collectors and watch enthusiasts.